Unveiling the FinTech Revolution: Transforming International Trade Dynamics- A Review of published papers


  • Dr. Vishal kumar Author
  • Ms. Chitra Rao Author
  • Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Author


International Business, Fintech, crowed funding, Online banking, peer-to-peer financing


The goal of this study is to give a thorough analysis of the emerging field of financial technology, or fintech, with a focus on technologies that generate funds and their ramifications for international trade. We list both the positive and negative aspects of each major fintech that impacts the credit, deposit, and capital-raising service sector using the most prominent fintech articles that have been published. We evaluate the implementation of these services as well as the effects of their use at the international business level. This study emphasizes the role that fintech plays in promoting the internationalization of entrepreneurship, focusing specifically 
on the effects of online banking, peer-to-peer financing, and crowdfunding. A careful examination of the citations in Google Scholar reveals fills in knowledge gaps and reveals new developments connecting fintech and international business. Moreover, the analysis of legislative initiatives shows a strong positive correlation between international e-commerce laws and fintech growth, highlighting how both components are interdependent in the context of global business.


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