From the Desk of the Editor-in-Chief

In the ever-changing landscape of academia, the inception of a new journal signifies more than the mere creation of another publication; it heralds the dawn of a transformative platform poised to illuminate the path for scholarly discourse and intellectual exchange. With great excitement, we proudly present the inaugural edition of the Narayan Journal of Management and Commerce at Gopal Narayan Singh University.

This inaugural issue serves as a testament to the journal's unwavering commitment to quality and relevance. We take pride in presenting a diverse array of articles covering a spectrum of topics, from emerging trends in e-commerce to the intricacies of sustainable business practices.

Within the upcoming pages, you'll discover a thoughtfully curated selection of articles that epitomize the diverse and dynamic essence of management and commerce studies. Each contribution, carefully chosen, mirrors the multidimensional landscape of our discipline, ranging from the exploration of emerging trends to thorough analyses of established theories.

The scope of the Narayan Journal of Management and Commerce is broad and inclusive, spanning a diverse range of topics within the fields of commerce, finance, marketing, human resources, and organizational behaviour. We invite submissions that showcase methodological rigor, theoretical sophistication, and a clear contribution to the existing body of knowledge. Whether your research delves into traditional business models or explores emerging trends, we are eager to showcase the diversity of thought characterizing the contemporary world of management and commerce.

In addition to research articles, the journal will feature insightful reviews, case studies, and commentaries providing a nuanced perspective on current issues and trends. Our aim is to create a multidisciplinary platform that encourages the cross-pollination of ideas, facilitating a holistic understanding of the complex challenges facing businesses and management practices.

As we unveil this maiden edition, we extend a warm invitation for you to join us in steering the future course of management and commerce research. Together, let's venture into uncharted territories, challenge the norms, and weave our contributions into the rich tapestry of knowledge that defines our scholarly pursuits.

Welcome to the Narayan Journal of Management and Commerce - where ideas converge, and knowledge transcends.

Warm regards,

Prof Vivek Sharma

Narayan  Journal of Management and Commerce