Contemporary Trend Analysis of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs): A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks In India


  • Dr. Sourabh Singha Roy Author
  • Dr. Rajkumar Mandal Author
  • Mr. Sudeep Kumar Singh Author


Credit Risk, Financial Stability, Policy Interventions, Sustainability, Non Performing Assets (NPAs)


The banking sector plays a crucial role in India's economy, and the quality of assets held by banks is a key indicator of sectoral development. This study delves into the impact of Non Performing Assets (NPAs) on various financial metrics such as bank profitability, liquidity, and solvency ratios. Particularly, it examines how high levels of NPAs can impede banks' earnings capacity, hinder their ability to extend credit, and erode investor confidence. With the persistent deterioration in asset quality, especially in Public Sector Banks (PSBs), the stability of the banking sector and the overall Indian economy faces significant challenges. This study 
aims to assess the level of NPAs and their impact on bank profitability, with a specific focus on understanding the disparities between Public and Private Sector Banks. Through a comparative analysis, this research aims to identify distinct trends and patterns in NPA 
management and performance, while also evaluating the effectiveness of various remedial measures employed by banks to address the NPA crisis.


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